Hydroxyl group meaning in english

HydrolysehydrophilHydraHydrokultur. Hydroxyl Gruppen translation German-English dictionary. Other suggestions : HydrolysehydrophilHydraHydrokultur. See also: HydrolysehydrophilHydraHydrokultur.

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Three of the hydroxyl groups on the sucrose molecule are replaced by chlorine. The process of Claim 2 wherein said difunctional agent is selected from the group of agents having two hydroxyl groupstwo amino groups or one hydroxyl group and one amino group. A thermosetting resin composition as set forth in claim,5wherein said a is a polyester resin, and said hydroxyalkyl carbonate groups are bonded to hydroxyl groups in a polyester resin having hydroxyl groups.

Method according to any one of claims 25 to 31 wherein said oligomer has functional groups for imparting subsequently crosslinkability, preferably at least hydroxyl groups.A hydroxyl group increases the ECL value of a fatty acid greatly, especially on polar columns, and if the hydroxyl group is derivatized, the nature of the derivative has a profound effect on the elution profile for different isomers. The hydroxyl group is a functional group consisting of a hydrogen atom covalently bonded to an oxygen atom.

The hydroxyl group is denoted by -OH in chemical structures and has a valence charge of The hydroxyl radical is very reactive, so it quickly reacts with other chemical species.

Hydroxyl radicals can cause DNA and cell damage. Hydroxyl Functional GroupThe R in the structural formula stands for the carbon backbone of the organic molecule to which the hydroxyl attaches. Have you ever used rubbing alcohol to clean a minor cut or scrape?

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Have you ever seen people drink an adult beverage, such as wine or beer? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you already have some familiarity with hydroxyl groups.

Hydroxyl groups are a class of organic functional groups. In organic chemistry, carbon-containing compounds are grouped according to the arrangement of certain atoms in the molecule. These arrangements are called functional groups, so named because they make the compound function, or react, in a specific way.

When a hydroxyl group is the dominant functional group in an organic compound, that compound behaves as an alcohol. Structurally, these molecules are composed of two main parts. The second are the functional groups, which are small groups of atoms, such as hydrogen and oxygen, that are bonded to the carbon backbone. Functional groups are so named because they function as the chemically reactive area of the molecule.

The hydroxyl group -OH is one example of a functional group. Methanol, isopropyl alcohol, and propanol are additional examples of alcohols containing the hydroxyl group. This is what distinguishes sugars from alcohols.

Looking at the structure of a sugar called glucose, you can see that there are hydroxyl groups on each side of both examples. The term hydroxyl means the radical OH. The functional group -OH is more properly called a hydroxy group. Further, the [OH — ] anion, which is called hydroxide, consists of a hydroxy group.

Water, alcoholscarboxylic acids, and many other hydroxy-containing compounds can be deprotonated readily. This behavior is rationalized by the disparate electro-negativities of oxygen and hydrogen. Hydroxy-containing compounds engage in hydrogen bonding, which causes them to stick together, leading to higher boiling and melting points than found for compounds that lack this functional group.

Hydroxyl Group Definition in Chemistry

Organic compounds, which are often poorly soluble in water, become water-soluble when they contain two or more hydroxy groups, as illustrated by sugars and amino acid. Organic compounds are molecules that are essentially composed of C and H atoms.

There can be other atoms such as O and N bonded to these molecules.A hydroxy or hydroxyl group is the entity with the formula OH. It contains oxygen bonded to hydrogen.

In organic chemistryalcohols and carboxylic acids contain hydroxy groups.

hydroxyl group meaning in english

Water, alcohols, carboxylic acids, and many other hydroxy-containing compounds can be deprotonated readily. This behavior is rationalized by the disparate electronegativities of oxygen and hydrogen. Hydroxyl-containing compounds engage in hydrogen bondingwhich causes them to stick together, leading to higher boiling and melting points than found for compounds that lack this functional group. Organic compounds, which are often poorly soluble in water, become water-soluble when they contain two or more hydroxy groups, as illustrated by sugars and amino acid.

The hydroxy group is pervasive in chemistry and biochemistry. Many inorganic compounds contain hydroxy groups, including sulfuric acidthe chemical compound produced on the largest scale industrially. Hydroxy groups participate in the dehydration reactions that link simple biological molecules into long chains. Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive and undergo chemical reactions that make them short-lived. When biological systems are exposed to hydroxyl radicals, they can cause damage to cells, including those in humans, where they can react with DNAlipidsand proteins.

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Results from Venus Express include the detection of hydroxyl in the atmosphere. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chemical group. This article is about the hydroxyl functional group. For the Hydroxyl radical, see Hydroxyl radical. Main article: Hydroxyl radical. Retrieved 23 March Kerr 24 September Science Now. Retrieved Functional groups.


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hydroxyl group meaning in english

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hydroxyl group meaning in english

The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Examples of hydroxyl ion. It forms a series with the more common hydroxylherderite, which has more hydroxyl ion than fluoride.

From Wikipedia. Their hydrolysis occurs when the nucleophile a nucleus-seeking agent, e. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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This applies in general: any equilibrium constant is equally valid for a product with an oxide ion as for the product with two hydroxyl ions. In an aqueous base, hydroxyl ions are better nucleophiles than polar molecules such as water.

In alkaline solutions, nucleophilic hydroxyl ions attack the electrophilic central carbon to produce the colourless triphenylmethanol or carbinol form of the dye. Marked increases or decrease in conductance are associated with the changing concentrations of the two most highly conducting ionsthe hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. The positive hydronium ions that approach the negative cathode mostly combine with negative hydroxyl ions to form water. Photolysis of water vapor and carbon dioxide produces hydroxyl ions and atomic oxygen, respectively, and these in turn produce oxygen in small concentrations, with hydrogen escaping into space.

Ion exchange using natural or synthetic resins removes calcium, magnesium and carbonate ions from water, replacing them with hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.Related to hydroxyl group: Sulfhydryl group. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. Mentioned in?

References in periodicals archive? The presence of a hydroxyl group on the molecular chain will improve the molecule's hydrophilicity [13,14], and thus its solubility, and can also inhibit the formation of macroporous structures in the membrane cross section [15].

Caustic mercerization and liquid ammonia mercerization on cotton fabric. Figure 4 a shows IR absorption bands of stretching vibration of the hydroxyl group OH[cm. Namely, compounds which possess the hydroxyl group in position C2 have IHB between hydrogen atom of the hydroxyl group and carbonyl oxygen of the carboxyl group.

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This study has compared the bioactivities of 14 different compounds comprising three structural variations of flavonoids which are flavones absence of hydroxyl group at position 3flavonol presence of hydroxyl group at position 3and flavanol absence of double bond and ketonic group at positions and 4, resp.

Figure 4. The carbon carrying free hydroxyl group C-3, C-4, and C was unequivocally distinguished from the others C-2, C-4a, and Cb by the deuterium induced differential isotope shift DIS measurement. Photoluminescent polymers in cosmetics. The hydroxyl groups on C2 and C3 of the glucose units are located at the top of the torus and the hydroxyl group on C6 is located at the base of the torus. Insights into the chemistry of adsorption of water molecules by cyclodextrins as studied by near infrared spectroscopy.

The team, which includes chemistry professor Stephen Hanessian, initially examined the possibility of simply removing a hydroxyl group from neomycin to limit the effectiveness of the aminoglycoside-inactivating enzyme. Fluorine boosts efficacy of conventional medications. The researchers synthesized gold nanoparticles whose surfaces were modified with various functional groups: a positively-charged amino group -NH2a negatively-charged carboxyl group -COOH or a neutral hydroxyl group -OH.

Gold nanoparticles control osteogenic differentiation of stem cells. Dictionary browser? Full browser?Dictionary entry overview: What does hydroxyl group mean? A class of dietary steroids having a hydrocarbon side-chain of carbons at the beta position and a hydroxyl group -OH at the 3-beta position. A flavanone with hydroxyl groups at C-5, C-7, and C-4'.

A terpene with two isoprene units head to tail with hydroxyl group attached to the head methyl group. An isoflavone with a hydroxyl group on the B-ring and a second hydroxyl group on the A-ring. Any substance found in the diet, comprising a cholestane skeleton with a hydroxyl group at the position C A - -epicatechingallate with a hydroxyl group at C-5'. The assembled cyclodextrin framework possesses a hydrophobic internal cavity which can include various small molecules and a peripheral structure containing a large number of hydroxyl groups making the molecule water soluble.

Contains myo inositol linked through the 1 hydroxyl group to phosphatidic acid. A flavone with one hydroxyl group on the B-ring and a second hydroxyl group on the A-ring. A terpene with two isoprene units forming a ring and with a hydroxyl group attached to the head methyl group. Double-click any word on the page to look it up in the dictionary.

Beta-methyl Cyclodextrin, NCI Thesaurus Contains myo inositol linked through the 1 hydroxyl group to phosphatidic acid.

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Subscribe now. Learn English withHydroxyl group An -OH or alcohol group on a larger molecule. The oxygen is single-bonded to the hydrogen and has one free bond to the rest of the molecule. Molecules with one or more hydroxyl groups are called alcohols. The body is comprised of different elements with hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen as the major four.

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